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Flying and Fearless,




Taking a break, all. Had two teeth pulled today and I need the rest. Head throbbing and jaw sore, but I’m on the way to recovery ❤ Have a good week, folks!

Fat and fearful,


Makes My Heart Beat Crazy

Does anyone else have this problem? I was doing Energy today, a pretty easy workout – even if you’re a beginner (with mods, of course). Within the first ten minutes? I must’ve had to hit safety zone three times just to get my heart to settle down. Every move I made seemed to blast my HR right to 157+ (above my fat burning zone). And yeah, it freaked me out. I wasn’t over-engaging. In fact, I feel like I can barely push myself anymore because my hR gets jacked. Does anyone have an idea? Did I not have enough food in me? Was I dehydrated? Is my anxiety playing into it?


I. just. wanna. work. out.



Who would’ve thought I’d ever say that, lol!

Fat and fearful,


Panic! at the Household

So as many of you know, I suffer from some severe anxiety disorders. And some days I just have this overwhelming feeling that looms over me and it has really affected my state of mind. Friday, my husband came home and while we were brushing our teeth, my heart tightened and a horrible pain shot through my chest. I ditched my toothbrush, ran into my bedroom, and laid down. My muscles began to twitch. My limbs were tingly and numb. My head had pins and needles. And my heart-rate shot through the roof. I was having a panic attack. One of my worst yet. One that a normal person could easily describe as a heart attack, one of my biggest fears.

My husband sat by my side and held my hand as I focused on breathing deep and slowly. My fear of death has honestly been a driving force for my anxiety. Every time I have an ache, a sore, a burning sensation, a tingle…. anything… my mind races straight to thoughts of death. And guilt. I never want to pain my family with the burden of dealing with my death. I have ALWAYS been that kind of person that would rather struggle if it meant saving someone else from going through it.

It is still something I suffer with. Fear not. I have been trying to return to counseling and *sigh* even going back on medication to hopefully sort out this horrid imbalance in my brain. But the main message of this post is a.) That panic attack was AWFUL… but I got through it… no panicked calls to family or the doctor… no xanax… just breathing and praying… and b.) That if anyone out there is suffering with anxiety, depression, or fear of death? I get you. I really do. And I’m here for you just as much as you’ve been here for me.

Before I close, I need to give a shout-out to Team DDP Yoga member Heidi Sue. What a gem that woman is. I am so thankful that I have gotten to know her and receive her support on a daily basis. It is people like her that make me have hope for humanity. So Heidi, thank you ❤

Fat and fearful,


Day 31

That’s right, folks! I have DONE it! I have just passed 30 days while working with DDP Yoga. I don’t work out everyday. I try to work out about 5-6 times per week and allow myself a rest day for any achy muscles and what-not. And you know what Day 30 means! MORE PICTURES! So check out the Strength & Flexibility Pictures page now and tell me what you think! I have lost almost 15 pounds so far. And I think that’s AWESOME! You can see some change in my stomach, face, and arms. And my flexibility is definitely improving. Love to feel the BANG!

Here is an update on my measurements (in inches):

           Day 1                      Day 30

Neck:                              16                                                                   16
Chest:                             50                                                                  47.5
Bicep:                            17.5                                                                 17
Waist:                           44.5                                                                41.5
Hips:                             50.5                                                                 49
Thigh:                            29                                                                  27.5


I also attended a nutrition class yesterday that really opened my eyes to serving sizes and portion control. Believe me, I’m not a big eater. The class made me realize I am a total meal skipper. I don’t plan my meals and tend to only get one or two actual meals in a day, and snack the rest. That’s terrible! Haha, but now I am armed with new information so the next 30 days will be all about BETTER EATING!

I hope your journey is going well. And if you fall off the wagon? Here. Grab my hand. You can always come back on 😀 Love you all

Fat and fearful,


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I Will

I would like to thank you for stopping by the blog. For sending me wonderful messages. For sharing posts with friends. For finding me on Twitter or Team DDP. i want to thank you for your love and your support. I am growing to love this. To connect with you. To share my story with you. To talk about dreams and fears, goals and failures… In a time where I feel struggles, I don’t feel alone. Thank You.

Because of this, I want to take this a step further. It is my intention to start-up my own real website. Better URL. Better content. Better “us” time. I will be working on that in the upcoming weeks so please, stay tuned for updates. If my posts are sporadic, know that I have not disappeared. I am either working on my new website or dealing with my health. All is well, but anxiety has me in its grasp again. It is violently shaking me some days, and it has become disruptive to my workouts, unfortunately.

I refuse to give up. I want this experience to be different from every other time I have attempted to get fit. And that is by saying yes. That is by choosing not to fail. That is by choosing not to give up. I will overcome this. I have to.

Fat and Fearful,


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Sharetime Sunday

I am not the only person on this kind of journey. And I am not the only person who is using DDPYoga to transform their life. If you’d like to see more people on their journeys, check out the blogs of some of my fellow Team DDP members 🙂 I hope to share more in the future!


Fat and fearful,


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Food For Thought


If you suffer from anxiety, like I do, you realize how powerful this statement really is. I have heard the phrase “mind over matter” for as long as I have lived. I am sure that you have as well. It’s often a line of encouragement to have someone overcome an obstacle and really tap into the power of the brain. So you can imagine how anxiety can ruin someone when their mind becomes their worst enemy. But even if you don’t suffer from anxiety,

I’d like to recommend something very simple – positive thinking. Alright, I hear you. I know, Erica. I should be positive. But it’s just not that easy. There’s this and this and this and this and this… Well, I agree with you. It’s hard. I’m not saying eliminate all negative thought. The more you think about not having negative thoughts, the more negative thoughts you’ll have! The brain is tricky like that. What I’m suggesting is that every time you find yourself falling into a moment of negative thinking, combat it with a positive thought. For example,

NEGATIVE: Ugh, it’s raining again. I really wanted to go out!

POSITIVE: I could work on that book I’ve been meaning to write.

NEGATIVE: I look really fat today.

POSITIVE: But my eyes are really pretty. And that makes me feel beautiful.

I know it sounds hokey, but introducing yourself to positive thinking will result in natural positive thinking and better feelings. I really believe in that. I am working on it myself. So today when I said, “Oh, god. I think I’m gonna have an anxiety attack. I hate this…” I followed it with, “This gives me the chance to work through it without Xanax. I can do this…”

And I did 🙂

Fat and fearful,


Don’t forget to look at previous posts and pages, including my Day 1 photos. Day 30 coming soon! “Like” me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. And be sure to enter my new GIVEAWAY where I’m giving out three amazon gift cards to a few of my lucky supporters!

Day 22 & Dental Woes

Hello, hello! How is everyone doing today?! I hope that you are all AWESOME!

I already got my workout in today. Did an awesome (and sweaty) Fat Burner that really made me feel the BANG! I am also feeling good vibes because I’ve been doing DDPY for three weeks now and my weight is currently at 259 – That is 21 lbs lighter than where I was just two months ago. And that is with some bad eating and falling off the wagon included.

Update on the health – Neck and shoulder still in pain, but a lot less. I’ve been avoiding over-medicating and been using the stretches to help any stiffness or pinched feelings. Jaw hurts, but that has more to do with my teeth.

Gotta tell you, the world of dentistry really pisses me off sometimes. Had to get a root canal roughly two years ago. Spent a LOT of money between the drilling, cleaning, and getting a nice fancy white crown on. A few weeks ago, my jaw began to hurt in the same place where I got the root canal. Well son-of-a-b! The tooth I spent hundreds of dollars on? Has a crown on it that isn’t even properly fitted! So apparently it has been trapping bacteria and what-not and I need to get my crown redone. HOWEVER, I have to WAIT until my insurance company gives the dentists an estimate for the work to be done before they’ll do it (said to take 4-6 weeks!). WTF. So I’ve been trying to be really good about brushing and cleaning, but my jaw just hurts. I have a sincere worry that the rest of my tooth will be damaged and they’ll have to pull the whole thing. Ridiculous. I expect to need dentures sooner than most people.

But I will NOT let that get me down. I will continue to push forward with my health and hope everything falls into place. Meeting with a nutritionist to get a better diet plan squared away (I do have plans of following the actual DDP food program at some point – I just honestly can’t afford it right now {which is bullsh-t that is costs more money to be better to your body}). Also meeting with a psychologist next week to try to get my anxiety squared away so I can get BACK TO LIVING!

One day at a time, folks ❤

Don’t forget to look at previous posts and pages, including my Day 1 photos. “Like” me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. And be sure to enter my new GIVEAWAY where I’m giving out three amazon gift cards to a few of my lucky supporters!

Fat and fearful,


Paying It Forward!

Hello, warriors! I must say that I am in a wonderful mood. Life can be bumpy but when you make the best of it, you are better off 😀 I want to take this moment to announce something huge:


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So hop on over to Facebook now to get your entries in. The contest will end September 30th and winners will be contacted within three days of the giveaway’s end. Good luck!


Fat and Fearful,